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New York based writer/musician Piera Van De Wiel¬†wrote a story about the work of Barefoot College for the women’s empowerment media platform, Like a Boss Girl. In addition to providing a strong overview of the organization, Van De Wiel’s interview with Director of International Development Sue Stevenson shed light on the impact of Barefoot trained women in nearly 100 countries around the world.

They talked about the well-known solar mamas but also the lesser known, yet highly impactful ENRICHE program. ENRICHE gives women the skills and confidence they need to increase their income and become leaders, or there own global version of a “boss girl.”

“The aim of ENRICHE is to train women to build small-to-medium-sized enterprises through the use of their engineering skills,” Stevenson said. “Our training enables participants to do things like setting up internet access for themselves or their businesses, opening bank accounts, budgeting and managing their income, and teaching others to do the same…

“This is a natural extension of the training Barefoot already provides, and an answer to the fact that one of the biggest gaps between First World and developing countries is digital inclusion.”

To read the rest of the Like a Boss Girl article, click here:

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